NA-DECO is a young yet creative interior design studio founded by Ha Da, striving to create spatial experiences that combine functionality and artistry. His works have a tasteful style of simplicity and eclecticism, which made him one of a kind. Completed projects include residence, hospitality, retail and furniture design.

The artistic family background endowed Ha Da with exceptional aesthetic taste, and educational background on administration in colleges cultivated his systematic thinking and  capability of efficient execution. Though born in artistic family, Ha Da didn't follow his parents' professions but chose to major in administration during college. Ha Da got a bachelor's degree on business administration in UIBE(University of International Business and Economics). Again, after graduation he gave up the desirable job opportunities as being a banker and started to explore interior design which could make full use of all his knowledge and skills. Through constant interior design practices, he has established his own unique design method and style, excelling at turning inspiration drew from art into executable design concept and then flexibly applying it to practices.

Each time when entrusted by client with a project , Ha Da would spent plenty of time on preliminary analysis and preparation, work to figure out a systematic design scheme that takes various aspects including project positioning, spatial structure, ambience, materials and color palette, etc. into account, and follow and supervise the implementation of design solutions together with project managers until completion. Through approaching projects based on full rational analysis and artistic perceptions, the spaces he created feature harmonious coexistence and integration of details.

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